Care for Your Golden Retriever Like a Vet Would

A Golden Retriever wearing a green handy bag

Best Clothing for Golden Retrievers: Dress Your Dog Up for the Day

There is nothing cuter than watching your four-legged friend go around carrying out the usual antics in a perfectly woven shirt. A large number of dog owners today are looking for clothes that their furry friends can wear; in addition…

types of golden retrievers

Types of Golden Retrievers: Exploring Variations & Mixed Breeds

It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight of a Golden Retriever. It is no wonder that this breed is one of the most popular among dog lovers and is a sought after domestic pet in the United…

Golden Retriever Dog

Best Dog Toothpaste for Golden Retrievers: Buyers Guide

Dental care is important for your dog. Similar to humans, the teeth of dogs can develop tartar and plaque if not cleaned regularly. You should brush the teeth of your dog using specially formulated toothpaste.   If you own a…