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Care for Your Golden Retriever Like a Vet Would

golden-retriever dog costumes

Best Dog Costumes for Golden Retrievers: 11 of Our Favorites

Dressing up your pet dog can be fun. You dress up your dog for different occasions. There are so many funny, cute, and even scary costumes available online that choosing the best one can be an ordeal. The trouble is…

best bones for golden retrievers

Best Bones for Golden Retrievers: Our Top 7 Dog Bone Chews

Golden Retrievers are loyal, fun and playful canine companions that are loved by Americans. However, there is one thing about this breed that isn’t so great – they are heavy chewers. Since Goldens are retrieving dogs, they love carrying things…

A Golden Retriever puppy playing

Best Ways to Exercise Your Golden Retriever: Get Creative!

Ensuring your Golden Retriever is getting plenty of exercises is not just about keeping them healthy. Exercising your dog regularly ensures that they don’t develop health problems and get too heavy from inactivity. It also allows you to establish a bond with…

A Golden Retriever wearing a green handy bag

Best Clothing for Golden Retrievers: Dress Your Dog Up for the Day

There is nothing cuter than watching your four-legged friend go around carrying out the usual antics in a perfectly woven shirt. A large number of dog owners today are looking for clothes that their furry friends can wear; in addition…

types of golden retrievers

Types of Golden Retrievers: Exploring Variations & Mixed Breeds

It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight of a Golden Retriever. It is no wonder that this breed is one of the most popular among dog lovers and is a sought after domestic pet in the United…

Golden Retriever Dog

Best Dog Toothpaste for Golden Retrievers: Buyers Guide

Dental care is important for your dog. Similar to humans, the teeth of dogs can develop tartar and plaque if not cleaned regularly. You should brush the teeth of your dog using specially formulated toothpaste.   If you own a…

golden retriever dog

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic?

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic? The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds not just in America, but also in other parts of the world. Hence, one of the main questions in the minds of canine enthusiasts is:…

Golden retriever by the shore

Are Golden Retrievers Protective of Their Owners? Is it Good or Bad?

It’s hard not to love a sweet and affectionate golden retriever. Not only do they come running up to greet you, but they are friendly even towards a complete stranger. They are undoubtedly the most-beloved dog breed. They’re the third…

Golden retriever

When do Golden Retrievers Grow Long Hair?

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds due to their loving, playful, and friendly nature. They have a golden personality with a warm and cheerful temperament, but that’s not where the name comes from. Their strikingly beautiful…

golden retrievers with girls

Are Golden Retrievers Good with Kids?

It’s no secret that dogs are the best companions for kids. They are sweet, friendly, and above all, playful, keeping your kids happy and occupied.   These four-legged companions also help instill in children good character traits such as compassion,…

Golden Retriever in a forest

At What Age are Golden Retrievers Fully Grown?

One of the most loved and adored type of dog is the golden retriever. They are best suited as a family dog since retrievers are extremely friendly and loyal to their owners. That’s why they’re a popular and sought after…

dark brown retriever sitting on grass land

Dark Brown Golden Retrievers: Everything You Need to Know

Adorably affectionate and super easy to train, golden retrievers are no doubt one of the most loveable dog breeds out there. It is hard to not fall for their obedient and gentle nature coupled with their general cuteness.   Most…

A golden retriever playing outdoors

Why are Golden Retrievers so Friendly? They Are the Perfect Family Dog

There is an endless variety of absolutely adorable and beautiful puppies out there, but what is it about golden retrievers that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people?   Every time you head to a park or…

Golden Retriever grooming

Trimming Golden Retrievers: How & When to Trim Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers were named after their shiny, flowing, golden coat of soft fur. As a dog owner, it is important to take proper care of your dog if you want their coat to stay beautiful. Grooming and trimming golden retrievers…

a girl sitting with a dog

Can Golden Retrievers Live in Apartments?

Have you been wondering about getting yourself a golden retriever but haven’t had the courage to take the first step because you live in an apartment? Are you worried that their larger than usual size and high demands will be… Protection Status