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Care for Your Golden Retriever Like a Vet Would

Best Crate for a Golden Retriever: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Dog crates are considered essential for successfully raising a Golden Retriever. Whether you plan on using them for traveling, house training or as a den for your pooch, a good crate fits the bill perfectly. A crate also allows you to keep your…

Exercising your Golden Retriever

Best Brush for Golden Retrievers: Buyers Guide and Reviews

Brushing your Golden Retriever is not only important for your pet’s health but it also makes pet ownership a more enjoyable and bonding experience. However, this presents a new problem, as there are so many brushes to choose from. In this article, we’ll discuss features, drawbacks, and benefits…

Golden Retriever

How to Keep a Golden Retriever from Shedding: Good Luck!

Few dog breeds are as friendly, magnificent, and charming as Golden Retrievers. For first-time pet owners, it’s an absolute joy to have a Retriever pup in their life. In general, Golden Retrievers are easy to manage. Unlike many other breeds,…

Happy golden retriever

How to Groom a Golden Retriever the Right Way: Spa Day for Your Dog

People who pet dogs, particularly the ones with thick furs, are often criticized for not keeping up with their grooming. It’s a given that it’s the owners’ responsibility to groom their dogs on a regular basis. Grooming keeps your dog… Protection Status